New kinky sissy story book by Betty Cross!

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If you’re into crossdressing and femdom, you have probably heard about Betty Cross, author of Erotic Feminization Sissy Maid Stories, Training of a kept sissy, and Crossdressing sissy tales.

These kinky sissy books feature some of the most incredible and unique sissy feminization stories you will ever read. Erotic Feminization Sissy Maid Stories, the latest book by Betty Cross, uses a combination of pain, pleasure, and mindfuck to bring your darkest sissy fantasies to life!

The book has three different sissy feminization stories. The first one is about a dominant mistress who practices her skills on her sissy husband with great sexual energy and enthusiasm.

The second story is just as interesting as the first one, featuring a young sissy boy who is trained by an older woman with lots of experience. The third story depicts Miss Amanda, a sexy teen girl who enjoys helping sissies buy fetish clothes, wear frilly panties, and behave like real girls.