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The English Mansion is a femdom empire run by dominant women who enjoy torturing men and showing their power. There’s a sadistic streak flowing through their veins.

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This is the right place to look for dominant women with astonishing dirty desires. The English Mansion features 13 huge movie areas with suggestive names such as The Dungeons, The Barracks, and The Boudoir. The site is updated with a new HD movie every single day.

If you’re the kind of guy who needs constant humiliation, you’ll get what you are looking for. These mean bitches will totally humiliate you while fucking your tight sissy ass and laughing at your small cock. The free tour offers plenty of action for BDSM fans, so make sure you check it out!

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As one of the oldest and most popular femdom sites on the net, The English Mansion offers over 400 hours of movies and more than 20,000 photos for femdom fetish lovers. Members can see beautiful mistresses who laugh at their slaves and spank their asses, as well as hot females being tortured and abused by these dominant gals.

Some scenes feature dominant wives cuckolding and keeping their husbands in chastity devices, sissy maids serving their mistresses, and doms abusing and humiliating men with nipple torment, bondage, and corporal punishment.

The English Mansion is packed with high quality videos depicting sissy slaves being reprimanded and used in a variety of ways. Watch them please their mistresses with their cocks and tongues! This place has daily updates too!

The real action begins when these dominant chicks get down to fucking their obedient slaves in the ass with monstrous strapons. If you are ready for the ultimate femdom experience, visit The English Mansion and take the free tour now!

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