Katie-Ann The Crossdresser: Bare Toes

Katie-Ann of thecrossdresser.com has an amazing body and a serious foot fetish. She looks completely confident and sweet dressed in just a bikini and high heeled sandals. She poses for the camera, pointing her pretty painted toenails and showing off her adorably feminine feet. There’s only one part of Katie-Ann that isn’t feminine, and that’s her throbbing 8″ cock! I have no idea how she manages to keep it tucked inside those bikini bottoms in the first place when aroused, but once she lets it loose, her hard crossdresser clitty springs out and stands at attention. The attention it needs is a warm, wet mouth, especially when her tight bottom is riding a sex toy. That’s yet another amazing asset in this shoot as well – her plump, virginal ass. She shoves a little vibrator inside her fun spot and clenches her muscles to hold it in place as she rubs her clitty. And for the grand finale, Katie douses her pretty toes with a gallon of crossdresser cum which sprays out of her swollen cock like a firehose. There are some very nice closeups of her cum coated toes in this gallery. You don’t have to have a foot fetish to enjoy Katie-Ann. But keep in mind that she does love her high-arched feet being noticed. She loves using her pretty peds on stiff cocks, too! See for yourself on thecrossdresser.com.