Femdom Empire – Addison Avery – Rubber Slut Training

Mistress Addison Avery from Dallas, Texas stands at 5’8″, (173 cm) with a 121 lbs (55 kg), 32C-27-33 figure. I wish I’d been on the set of Femdom Empire with her both alone the Domme and her hung sissy rubber slut. She takes control the minute she enters the room, grabbing her captive by the throat as he hangs suspended by the wrists. The sissy’s big dick is swollen so hard that it’s red with a cock ring clenched around his erection and balls. The Mistress says he looks like a bitch and a little girl as she strokes his hardon firmly. Her hand is oiled as she humiliates the sissy and masturbates his throbbing organ. She smacks his boner hard saying that at least he can keep his dick hard. “Thank you for keeping me, Mistress,” he replies. She milks streams of pre-cum from her captive and when he begs her to stroke his cock faster, she lets it go! Mistress Addison warns him not to try and tell her what to do and to shut up before continuing to jack him off. She’s been prepping her slave for a full transformation to sissy rubber slut. He will be used as a sex toy, an object for pleasure, a human blow up doll. She strokes him repeatedly, building his orgasm. His cock needs intensive stroke training to serve as a sex toy and further the feminization process. Mistress Addison slows down the strokes to see how long he can remain on edge, the rubber slut will only cum when permitted. Mistress Addison watches as sissy cum flies from his balls drenching the floor in cum. She orders him be a good slut and lick up every drop.