Hot and kinky erotica stories in eBook form

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Hi everyone, I wanted to show you something different today! I have two friends that are writers and they make some very hot and kinky eBooks. The books don’t have any pictures in them but the stories are damn hot.

The first one above is called Lila’s Erotic Happy Ending and is written by author Elektra Steele. It’s about a girl who goes to a get a massage. She gets the very last one of the day and the masseuse turns out to be a hot hunky guy.

Asking for a full body massage Lila gets aroused by his warm hands stroking her tight body. They end up having lots more fun then they thought they would get!

The next one is called Pam’s first anal sex and is written by author Jillian Valentine. It’s the story of Pam who is feeling lonely so she goes out to a club with her perky friend Carol.

After some drinks and hooking up with some college studs she ends up in a private room naked and getting her first even cock up her tight virgin ass! That’s a story anyone would love!

The stories are very good, well written and very hot and kinky. You can view them on your Kindle, computer, tablet or almost any other type of e-reader. So check them out for a good erotic time!

Click here to read this kinky erotic eBook today!