John Persons Interracial Sissy Comics

This set is specifically for sissy boys who fantasize not only sucking the huge cock of one muscular black man, but several of them.

How many sissy boy clits out there of all sizes start oozing pre-cum immediately at the thought of being manhandled by a group of unapologetic and hung black studs? This is the taboo subject that many is seldom discussed by wildly popular in closed circles.

Look at how this super cute sissy boy resists being forced to give head and to have his virginity taken. He tries so hard to hide the fact that he adores the scent of man musk from these cocksmen who have been roughhousing and playing ball. He tells these men with massive erections that sucking cock is as far as he’ll go, but do you think they care? The sissy isn’t running things here, they are! This sissy boy can do nothing but wail with need as he gets his submissive, plump virgin ass broken in right out in public on the basketball court! This game isn’t over until the sissy is filled and creampied with hot, virile African American seed. The same treatment is dealt to BBC hungry white girls on this taboo website.

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