Humiliatrix – Bratty Megan Humiliates You for Stealing Her Cheerleading Panties

Humiliatrix Bratty Megan isn’t barefoot yet as you see in the photo. In the video, she’s wearing a pair of white high heel slides as she lies face down on the bed. For you subs with a foot fetish who’d like to know, her pretty toenails are painted pale blue. As she kicks her legs up and down, it looks like she’s not wearing panties beneath her blue cheerleader’s outfit. Her ass is so wide and full, yet firm looking. It’s not actually her panties that were missing, but her Spanks and that’s why she confronts you so angrily the moment you enter the bedroom. She had to go through her cheerleading routine in a tiny thong because of you! As it turns out, she’s wearing that thong with the cute polka dots after all. Megan kicks off her heels and turns to face you, telling you you’re going to be her slut as punishment. Although her high-arched feet are bare now, she has the stinky socks she wore during the game while cheering. You’re going to cum in it and she’s going to save it in a plastic bag to humiliate you again later. She doesn’t want the Spanks back that you’ve soiled. But she is going to tell your friends and family that you came in them. Now she’s posing just the way you see in the photo. But you don’t get to touch her butt. When she turns to face you again, Megan orders you to get ready to cum. After you’ve exploded, she says, “You have a nice day and don’t ever steal anything of mine again! Then the Humiliatrix gives you one last look as the sock she’s keeping forever.