Cross dressing feminization book by Betty Cross!

cross dressing sissy stories!
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Lush fantasies and dark obsessions blend together in Feminized Sissy Justice, A Forced Feminization Sissy Story. This kinky crossdressing book is very exciting and has potential to engage readers.

Unlike other forced feminization books, it keeps the domination more psychological than constantly erotic. Imagine a strong, tall lesbian who dominates real inmates and makes fun of their pathetic lives. She forces them to wear girlish dresses and makeup while fooling around for her pleasure.

This femdom erotica story is about a group of white-collars criminals who voluntarily undergo feminization treatment. The inmates are promised that they will spend less time in prison if they give up their civil rights.

The poor guys are sexually harassed, gagged, spanked, and humiliated by female “Matron-Chaperones.” They are wearing big fake boobs, nylon stockings min-skirts, and high heels. After a few days, they realize that the price they are paying for freedom is way too high. Check it out today!