Kirsty’s TG Playground Gangbang


I have a classic Kirsty’s TG Playground gem in my video collection of this Scottish beauty in a gangbang I’m really glad I downloaded. It reminds me of how innocent Kirsty can look and yet how lewd and tawdry she can be. Things really heat up when she’s on the sofa with her legs up for one of the guys in the scene to begin fucking her. She looks and sounds incredible getting pounded hard while the other guys jack off while watching and passing a camera around to shoot stills. Another guy takes the first one’s place and takes her in the side saddle position. Kirsty strokes her big erection the whole time, then all the guys surround her to beat off. She sinks to the floor and her first blowjob results in a big facial! Kirsty continues to masturbate as she takes another stiff cock into her mouth and makes that guy cum on her pretty face, too. Someone has the presence of mind to film Kirsty jerking off in full frame. Her beautiful face is covered with cum as she strokes her throbbing organ furiously! She let’s her large, uncut dick hang in the air for a moment before making it shoot a big load. I’m going through my crossdresser porn archives now to see what else I have stored up from Kirsty’s TG Playground. In her own words, “My site is full with hot tranny action including picture sets and videos of me in all sorts of action from solo posing to group action featuring TGirls, Guys and Girls! My group parties are what really make me stand out, we really ALL get into the action and it’s completely amateur and totally unique and exclusive.” Don’t forget that sometimes does the fucking also.


Subby Hubby




The strict and gorgeous Dommes on Subby Hubby insist upon having their subs to pleasure them fully. If this means licking another man’s cum out of their pussy or opening their mouths for some freshly sucked-out sperm, then they simply must obey. This is an amazing website for forced bisexual action, sissification, strap-ons, bondage, blackmail, verbal humiliation and foot worship. As you can see from the galleries, even if the subs aren’t passable as real girls, they’re super cute. Most of the videos (close to two-thirds) are offered in Full HD MP4s, but the farther back you go, the more you’ll find Windows Media files. The quality of the videos and resolution of the photos has improved markedly over time. There aren’t many other sites that cater to this niche that offer realistic content with familiar and established stars. The content stays true to its theme and whether you’re a top who loves to see sissies and femboy crossdressers dominated or a Subby Hubby yourself, this is the place to be for this kind of specialized crossdressing material.

The TGirl Pass: Lady Jane & CD Dannii

Click on CD Dannii & Lady Jane for the Gallery

I quickly got over the fact that 10 website network The TGirl Pass didn’t include the websites of British dominatrix Lady Jane of Strapon Jane and Nylon Jane. That’s because she’s featured several times with hot crossdresser like Dannii on The TGirl Pass. One of the things I like most about this scene is the age play aspect between MILF Lady Jane and her captive. Dannii is one of the most gorgeous tgirls in this network and it’s a pleasure to see that she’s not shy about full exposure. Look at the way the Mistress wraps her silk ribbon around the base of Dannii’s succulent looking, thick cock. Lady Jane is notorious for using her sexy, high-arched feet to mercilessly tease her submissive crossdressing captives also! Take the tour to see what more is in store from you from this incredible UK network.  

The English Mansion – XDresser’s XXX Training

This torrid scene on The English Mansion focuses on the submission of a cute blonde captive. Mistress Pandora invites her friend Dominant Dolly to show off her latest sissy slut in training, Debbie. She’s brought into the dungeon, inspected and shows off her lap dancing and pole dancing skills as the Mistresses humiliate and grope her up. It’s such a humiliating scene, watching Sissy Debbie hump up and down, fucking herself with a long dildo while the dominatrixes sit back and call her all sorts of degrading names. While on her back, she’s forced into boot licking while stroking the pathetic little clit that ocassionally gets swatted with a riding crop. This is in preparation for a special spitroasting. But first, the mature blue-eyed cutie pie must have her bare ass whipped with riding crops by both Mistresses! Then she’s forced to suck on the big black dildo Mistress is wearing with her harness. We know the sissy must be imagining it’s a real black cock at some point. But there’s a huge white cock still in panties as Dominant Dolly inspects Debbie’s cock sucking technique. Finally, after kissing the big panty bulge with her red painted lips, the moment of truth arrives for Sissy Debbie. Dominant Dolly reveals her big thick cock, which is soon shoved into the sissy slut’s mouth! The gorgeous middle-aged sissy alternates sucking the faux cock and the real cock which she can’t manage much of in her sweet mouth. But she tries so hard and gets better at fellatio while Mistress Pandora fucks her cute ass from behind. Sissy Debbie is turned on her back next to continue sucking Dominant Dolly’s throbbing erection while Mistress Pandora rails her poor ass! DD strokes Debbie’s hard little clitty while skull fucking her, too! Actually’s the sissy’s stiff dick isn’t quite so small by the time she asks permission to cum. Streams of warm white cum fly out of her swollen cock head! She’s even forced to lick some of her own cream that’s made a big mess all over her corset! Take The English Mansion tour for more lurid visual tales of debauchery from the UK.

Katie-Ann The Crossdresser: Bare Toes

Katie-Ann of has an amazing body and a serious foot fetish. She looks completely confident and sweet dressed in just a bikini and high heeled sandals. She poses for the camera, pointing her pretty painted toenails and showing off her adorably feminine feet. There’s only one part of Katie-Ann that isn’t feminine, and that’s her throbbing 8″ cock! I have no idea how she manages to keep it tucked inside those bikini bottoms in the first place when aroused, but once she lets it loose, her hard crossdresser clitty springs out and stands at attention. The attention it needs is a warm, wet mouth, especially when her tight bottom is riding a sex toy. That’s yet another amazing asset in this shoot as well – her plump, virginal ass. She shoves a little vibrator inside her fun spot and clenches her muscles to hold it in place as she rubs her clitty. And for the grand finale, Katie douses her pretty toes with a gallon of crossdresser cum which sprays out of her swollen cock like a firehose. There are some very nice closeups of her cum coated toes in this gallery. You don’t have to have a foot fetish to enjoy Katie-Ann. But keep in mind that she does love her high-arched feet being noticed. She loves using her pretty peds on stiff cocks, too! See for yourself on 

John Persons Interracial Sissy Comics

This set is specifically for sissy boys who fantasize not only sucking the huge cock of one muscular black man, but several of them.

How many sissy boy clits out there of all sizes start oozing pre-cum immediately at the thought of being manhandled by a group of unapologetic and hung black studs? This is the taboo subject that many is seldom discussed by wildly popular in closed circles.

Look at how this super cute sissy boy resists being forced to give head and to have his virginity taken. He tries so hard to hide the fact that he adores the scent of man musk from these cocksmen who have been roughhousing and playing ball. He tells these men with massive erections that sucking cock is as far as he’ll go, but do you think they care? The sissy isn’t running things here, they are! This sissy boy can do nothing but wail with need as he gets his submissive, plump virgin ass broken in right out in public on the basketball court! This game isn’t over until the sissy is filled and creampied with hot, virile African American seed. The same treatment is dealt to BBC hungry white girls on this taboo website.

Click Here for a John Persons Sissy Comics Gallery

Fantasy Traps – Taylor Swift

I’ve fantasized fucking Taylor Swift before. But I never imagined her as a chick with a dick until now! That’s what Fantasy Traps is all about! You’ll see lots more familiar faces there, too. This is yet another interpretation by the artist who runs the Fantasy Traps website. If you’d like to see more his imaginative takes on female celebrities and some unknown beauties as dick girls, check out the website and the plethora of bonus niche sites that come with subscribing!

Cosplay Cutie Miharu Tatebayashi

Sample Photo Gallery

Sample Photo Gallery

Sample Photo Gallery

I’ve been a fan of Miharu Tatebayashi from Chiba Prefecture since her first set was released on Shemale Japan back in June of 2014. I believe she was about 21 when she made her debut which would make her 23 or 24 years old now. Her early stats were 5’5″ (166 cm), 115 lbs( 52 kg). Her transvestite tryst with Himena Takahashi is one of my all-time favorites because they actually sucked and fucked each other until they came! There was a lot of intimacy along with the jackhammer thrusting. I really loved it when they lay side by side to make themselves cum. Miharu shot a creamy white load on Himena’s hard pecker and she kissed the bottom new-half’s nipples until she shot off. My favorite solo set of hers is perhaps her swimsuit scene where she ends up cumming on the tiles near her tub. She uses a big magic wand vibrator to buzz along the surface of her swim suit-encased erection. Then she whips it out and shows us how high her boner stands up when it’s fully aroused. While applying the pressure of the toy against her cock, Miharu releases on of the biggest Shemale Japan cumshots to date. Her doll face is in stark contrast with the long, cum-spurting cock between her pretty legs. Another one of my favorite solo scenes ended with Miharu’s dick defying gravity after she blasted her cream across her pillow in a cosplay set. I could go on all day about Shemale Japan cutie pie, Miharu Tatebayashi who currently resides in Tokyo. You can watch a video preview of her June Jun 27, 2016 update on Shemale Japan right now if you like. It’s her 17th scene on the site!

Meet Miss Megan Sweet

Femout.XXX is a celebration of girls in different stages of transition. That said, they’re all trans girls, but many look like they’re just getting started on hormones like sweet Megan Sweet. Here at Crossdresser Playground we love so many types of part-time girls and trans girls, too. In her Femout.XXX debut, Megan did a bit of toying with her rub-a-dub-dub session, as you can see in her sample photo gallery. Megan is what we call a “grower” which is basically a girl who seems to have an average size cock when flaccid. But when she gets down to stroking, finger banging, and fucking herself with large toys, it’s plain to see that this girl is hung! She has the most kissable, tight nipples and the cutest, most fuackable ass on top of that! The shaft of her lovely dick is darker than the rest of her and her cockhead gets flushed blue when Megan is fully aroused. The head just baely escapes the foreskin when her organ is hard enough to cut diamonds with. Fully exposing it could be a great challenge for the lips. Miss Sweet Brings the heat is the name of Megan’s second Femout.XXX set. One could think of the “heat” as a euphemism for Megan’s sweet cum! While pumping her big erection with one hand, the Canadian cutie pie rams that big dildo in and out of her fun spot until her creamy cum spills down her fingers. You can stream or download Megan’s two horny sets on Femout.XXX!

Watch The Trailers on Femout.XXX

The English Mansion: Strapon Fuck Slut

Ms Vivienne l’Amor is playing with her slutty sissy bitch Sammie, her cock locked away and wearing sexy lingerie. Mistress wears a big strapon and is soon thrusting it down the little slut’s throat, encouraging her to go deeper and deeper, the reward being to lick her beautiful pussy. Sammie is then bent over and feels the full force of Mistress’ pegging, the strap-on ramming in and out as she is lead into different positions in the dungeon and ridden hard. Sissy bitch Sammie is a bit tall and perhaps not passable as a real girl. But she’s definitely cute! You can see how horny she is by the constant flow of pre-cum oozing into her CBT device. The incredibly gorgeous Domme from The English Mansion forces the sissy to suck on her strap-on dildo while on her knees. That gives this Dominatrix a prime view of the sissy’s amazingly round ass. I’m not usually envious of a defenseless sissy, but I want to trade places when the pussy licking begins. But only a poor sissy could withstand the verbal humiliation delivered by a stern Mistress like Ms Vivienne l’Amor. My favorite part of this scene comes after the sissy’s tight ass is finger banged, then fucked by that huge dildo! Don’t miss this torrid femdom scene on The English Mansion!